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Guaranteed Investment Certificates


We offer a wide range of fixed-rate Guaranteed Investment Certificates (G.I.C's), with terms from 30 days to 5 years, to suit every investment timeline and need for flexibility.  With G.I.C's, your principal is secure and your interest is guaranteed for the term.

We are a member of the Registered Deposit Brokers Association.  We have partnered with over 45 financial institutions, such as banks, trust companies and credit unions.  This means we can offer you an entire range of top rates and best terms available.

The following is a list of some of the institutions we represent:  Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Empire Life, Laurentian Bank, Pacific and Western Bank, National Trust and over 40 more institutions.

All our Term Investments can be held by individuals in non-registered form, or in RRSP, RRIF and TFSA plans.

G.I.C's are perfect for those who want to invest their savings at a guaranteed rate of return.  Let our Advisors tailor an investment savings plan that meets your needs.

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Best rates as of March 24, 2021

TermAnnual RateRRSPRRIF
1  year 0.950%


2 years 1.300% 1.250% 1.000%
3 years 1.400% 1.350% 1.100%
4 years 1.500% 1.400% 1.270%
5 years 1.700% 1.600% 1.400%
30 Days 0.200% 
60 Days 0.250%
90 Days 0.300%
120 Days 0.350%
180 Days 0.550%
270 Days 0.550%

* Rates subject to change without notice.

Cashable G.I.C.’s available at 2.0%.
High Interest Savings and Chequing accounts available.

U.S. Savings/Chequing Accounts & G.I.C's, available for Business and Individuals. Some rates require minimums. Rates subject to change.

Deposits are insured up to $100,000 per registration through CDIC or ASSURIS.